Class Gift


Fellow CDS ’67 Classmates                                                 3/6/17

It's been a long time since most of us have been back to Country Day, enough for them to change the name. MICDS is still the great college preparatory that helped most of us enjoy a productive college experience. 

Personally, I feel Country Day was the best foundation I received for my past and present pursuits. But then I didn't take advantage of Penn the way my parents had probably hoped. 

I digress. To the point as our reunion rapidly approaches, and we are organizing the events for our 50th reunion, I have decided to spear head the Class Gift.  

I know many felt like they were hounded by CDS for money in the past and have a bad memory of that process. Therefore, we intend to keep this fundraising separate from the reunion events.  

I am fine with keeping the communication of said Gift on a separate track. 

We will communicate with all of you via the Reunion Website and Class Email blast once and not more than twice. I will communicate with you via my personal email account and respond from there as well. 

We appreciate gifts of any size. As of this date $15,000 has already been donated,

The Gift will be given to one or more funds at the school. 

We have the option of creating an Endowment with specific criteria of use and minimum funding. Or the school is presently raising funds for Holtman Stadium, the STEM Building, Faculty Tuition Benefit, Apprentice Teaching Fellows Program, Financial Aid Program, Assistance Beyond Tuition Program and of course the Annual Fund.

We will request donors indicate their desire but we need to make a decision in the next couple of months. As some restrictions apply we may need to allow the majority funding preference determine the final . 

So, if you would like to contribute to the gift, please email me at about your interest.

Donations could be in the form of a pledge that could be funded in full or in increments in the future.  

Of course, immediate funding will need to be coordinated further to have a depository and arrangements on how to do so. 

This is the beginning of the process and it will be formalized in the next month.  

Thanks for considering a contribution. Let me know your thoughts.

Responses need not indicate a gift amount, though can, but more importantly an interest in being part of the Gift. 

Your Friend and Classmate 

Jim Morgan